About us

logo  “Generation of Changes” is the union of young people who has a common dream to change this world for better. We believe that even one person can be useful in the world transformation. All we need for it – inspiration, high motivation and understanding of whole importance of the role that we are playing at the stage called planet “Earth”. NGO “GC” started its activities in 2015. Our members are young people with open hearts and minds full of ideas for implementation.

What we are doing? Seminars, trainings, lectures, performances and so on. We are always open to new ideas and proposals. Our main topics: human rights, discrimination, democracy, disable people.

Who can join us? Young workers, young leaders and everyone who is willing to work for sake of others.

Our priorities

  • promote peace
  • respect human rights
  • combat discrimination
  • develop global education
  • boost sustainability

Media and internet about us

1. event “Poetry time”


2. Intercultural event “Mix of cultures”


Міжкультурний вечір у Тернополі зблизив студентів з різних куточків світу (фото)

3. “More informed, less risk” – training session on safe behavior of students/young people


Нечуючій молоді Тернополя розповіли про безпечні статеві контакти (фото)


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